Aug 13: John Aitken and Marie Weeks

A conversation about reconciliation with John Aitken and Marie Weeks

Marie and John are honoured to begin this residency by welcoming participants to Mayne Island, to this land. Named after John’s Coast Salish grandparents, the day will begin at Emma and Felix Jack Park where John and Marie will share their experiences in relation to their connection to Mayne Island. Mayne Island is unceded Coast Salish Territory and is part of the Douglas Treaties, where thirteen Coast Salish Bands are known to be connected to. Together we will examine how our connection to land and our lineage relates to a story of reconciliation as the term is used today.

As the group launches into the Slow Wave, Small Projects residency, we recognize the importance of building an environment of safety and connection.

John Aitken lives on what is now known as Mayne Island and is a descendant of one of the first inhabitants. Marie Weeks’ family is one of many families who settled on the island, and her parents still call Mayne Island their home.

Aug 14–15: Julia and Aretha Aoki

Reading, writing, dancing, talking
Julia and Aretha will offer two separate, but complementary workshops that consider/access/reflect on the diaristic or autobiographical mode, socially entangled personal history, and emplaced practice.

Dancing stories
Assuming our bodies contain multitudes, can we access these different voices through movement? Can we bring these voices to the surface, into the room, in the air we collectively breathe? Together, we will access the potent space where perception meets sensation and the imagination. Where past, present and future converge. We will warm up through somatic exercises and image-based, improvisational structures. At the center of these practices is automatic or timed writing, dancing and talking—so do bring something to write on and something to write with.

Group Reading
We will gather in the afternoons to collectively read aloud semi/autobiographical narratives that directly and indirectly address notions of womanhood through the prism of class and identity politics. Group reading allows us to meet without having read the text in advance and consider what it means to conjure personal histories in a social space. There is an intimacy to vocalization that requires compassion and support from our counterparts, and opens the possibility of embodying an informal, dialogical sharing and learning environ

Aug 16–17: Agniezska Forfa and Alize Zorlutuna

Enlisting a combination of reading, discussion, drawing and movement exercises, this workshop centers exploring embodied connection/relationship with the more-than-human. Beginning with introductions, this workshop will move through ideas of grounding, offerings and orienting to each other and non-human entities. Exercises around observation, site-specificity, gesture, listening, improvisation and storytelling will be considered.

Aug 18–19: Anne Riley and Cease Wyss

Cease Wyss and Anne Riley’s workshop will consist of plant walks together during the day while taking the time to rest and find the nourishing spaces and routines we are in need of.  We will take the time to slow down so as to hear what is in need of voice and nurture that voice. We will build and tend to our inner and collective fire to take home to our communities to share its passionate warmth and purpose.

All of the workshops are optional. We understand that everyone’s participation is not going to be the same.

Sept 11: Public discussion at Or Gallery


Full schedule available HERE. All dates and times subject to change.